February 28, 2012: The Exec. Office of U.S. Attorneys Acknowledges Receipt of My Request

by phileil

On February 28, 2012, I received a letter from the FOIA division of the Executive Office for the U.S. Attorneys in Washington acknowledging that they had received my request. They split my request into two separate files: “12-484: U.S. v. Paul Volkman” and “12-485: U.S. v. Paul Volkman (public records only)/OHS.”

The letter read:

EOUSA makes every effort to process most requests within a month (20 working days). There are some exceptions; for example, Project Requests usually take approximately nine months to process. Requests for “all information about myself in criminal case files” are usually Project Requests. If you have made such a request, you may either write us and narrow your request for specific items, or you may expect that the processing of your request may take nine months from the date of this letter.

There was no indication from this letter (which I have included below), that my request had been deemed a “Project Request.”

US Attorneys FOIA Receipt Notice 2.28.12